October 7, 2020

The Ontario government amended Regulation 364/20 to establish additional COVID-19 related requirements for Ontario businesses and other organizations. The Regulation now requires businesses and other organizations to ensure that any person – including but not limited to employees – wears a mask or face covering whenever the person is in an indoor area or in a vehicle that is operating as part of the business or organization.

Please note, our company protocols already adhere to the requirements of this regulation and therefore no change to our protocols is required.

The Regulation sets out a number of specific exceptions to the mask requirement. Individuals are not required to wear a mask if they:
Have a medical condition that inhibits their ability to wear a mask or a face covering;
Are unable to put on or remove their mask or face covering without the assistance of another person;
Are being accommodated under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act;
Are being reasonably accommodated under the Human Rights Code;
Perform work for the business or organization, are in an area that is not accessible to members of the public, and are able to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from every other person while in the indoor area.

The amended Regulation expressly states that a person is not required to provide evidence to demonstrate that they fall within one of the exceptions.


May 20, 2020

GROWMARK has released additional guidelines to the FS Ontario members in an effort to keep our staff and customers safe during COVID-19 pandemic. Some highlights are shared below.

As an essential service business, it is important to ensure the proper protocols are in place to protect the health and safety of our employees and communities. 

The sanitization of the workplace 

  • Signage on proper hand wash techniques should be posted at all sink areas. Soap and disposable towels to be provided by all sink areas. Handless garbage cans and dispensers should be used. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations to be set up by entrance/exit areas to buildings, and in other popular areas such as near photocopiers. 
  • High touch areas and surfaces, such as door handles, counter tops, payment machines, are to be cleaned daily.  
  • Where possible, improve and increase building and vehicle fresh air intake. 

How to ensure physical distancing 

  • Signage should be displayed to remind employees and visitors about the physical distancing guidelines. 
  • Employees that can perform their work duties remotely, should create a workspace in their home and work from there.  
  • Workstations must be at least 2 metres from the neighbouring workstation. If this is not possible, a barrier, such as a plexiglass, should be installed. 
  • Visiting other work locations should be kept to an absolute minimum and performed only on a necessary basis. 
  • Office doors are to be locked to visitors and customers. Arrangements for drop offs or pickups shall be made in advance of arrival. 
  • Gas station attendants will request that customers use cards for payment methods, preferably tap options. Store items should be brought to the customer’s vehicle. Physical distancing can be maintained with vehicles by passing the payment terminal by way of container, basket, or stick. 
  • If physical distancing between people (2 metres) is not possible personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used. Employees must wear all PPE correctly to be effective. PPE training should include the fit, use, care, putting on and taking off, maintenance, cleaning and limitations of the PPE. 
  • Personal protective equipment, such as face masks and disposable gloves, and cleaning supplies are provided to all locations for use. 

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact your local branch.


April 28, 2020


While FS PARTNERS continues to provide our local growers with agronomy and grain marketing products & services with new social distancing measures in place, not much else has changed for the month of April. 

As an additional resource, GROWMARK, Inc. has a useful COVID-19 web page with a wealth of resources available to you from both sides of the border. This includes industry updates, mental wellness links, government links, and much more. 


April 2, 2020


Are you looking for an activity? Download the FS Colouring Book here!

FS Colouring Book screenshot

 Or download each colouring page as a jpg:

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  thumbsMiFIELD  thumbsPROPANEAUTOGAS    thumbsFSYARD  thumbsLUBE  thumbsFSINTHEFIELD    thumbsFASTSTOP


March 26, 2020


The FS System is proud to be an essential service, providing quality agronomy, energy & grain marketing products and services to our local growers. While we're doing business slightly different these days, we stand strong to make sure that our farmers continue to feed the world. #thankafarmer #FSproud

FS Here For You from GROWMARK on Vimeo.


March 24, 2020


After the announcement by the Government of Ontario, we recognize that agriculture is an essential service. FS PARTNERS will continue to serve your agronomy and grain marketing needs.

We remain committed to provide your seed, plant nutrient and plant health needs, as well as provide professional application, precision agronomy and crop scouting services.  In doing so, we take the safety of our staff, customers, industry partners and community very seriously.

Yesterday, we announced that our offices are no longer open to the public. However, we remain well prepared to conduct business with social distancing measures in place:

  • Booking appointments of pick up or delivery are essential in these times.
  • When you arrive at a branch, please call the number provided on the door. One of our staff will come to your vehicle with your order.
  • Paperwork can be left in the mailbox where instructed.
  • Social distancing protocols remain in effect with a minimum of two meters apart between persons.
  • In many cases, our crop specialists and support staff have been instructed to work from home office where possible via phone, email, teleconference for their sales, field and product support.


By maintaining a healthy workplace, we can continue to serve you throughout the growing season. We are grateful to our employees for their professionalism as they continue to provide the quality agronomic and grain marketing products and services.

We appreciate your support as we continue to work through these challenging times.

For more information, visit the Government of Ontario’s list of essential workplaces for a full list of services.



March 23, 2020


Our team continues to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 guidelines as communicated by the Public Health Agency of Canada. We take the safety of our staff, customers, industry partners and community very seriously. By maintaining a healthy workplace, we can continue to serve you throughout the growing season.

FS PARTNERS understands the urgency and importance of social distancing, and are prepared to do our part. Effective immediately, our office is no longer open to the public. While we will continue to deliver you products and services that you expect from us, we are limiting communication to email, text, phone or virtual communication until further notice. 

When you arrive at a branch, please call the numbers provided on the door. One of our staff will come to your vehicle with your order, following social distancing protocols of remaining two metres apart.

Serving the agricultural community remains our top priority, while keeping our staff and customers healthy. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We appreciate your cooperation while we all do our part to flatten the curve.



March 20, 2020

On this Friday of what feels like a very long week, we are grateful to our employees, our customer base and our industry partners for taking all necessary precautions to do business while staying safe. We realize that agriculture is critical to our country, and we are committed to helping our local growers where they need it.

THANK YOU to our FS system that continues to work with growers to plan their spring crops, support each other, as well as deliver crop inputs and fuel products. THANK YOU to the producers that continue to produce our milk, meats, vegetables, eggs and crops. THANK YOU to our emergency services, medical professionals, essential services like our healthcare and grocery staff, and the truckers that keep us supplied with product.

We have banned non-essential visits to our branches, but don't forget that we are only a phone call away.




March 18, 2020


The increasing risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is of great concern to us and is prompting several changes to the way we live and work. Our efforts are focused on meeting your needs while keeping our employees, customers, and families safe.

We want to assure you our teams are taking precautionary measures to help slow the spread of coronavirus. These measures require immediate changes we want to make you aware of:

Restricting face-to-face meetings . Ours is a relationship business, and we take great pride in th relationships we have with you. However, there is now a risk with face-to-face interactions, and as a result, our sales force will limit in-person calls and instead maximize use of electronic communications or phone calls to contact you. If you have a preferred communication method, please contact your salesperson.

Restricting access to our facilities. In order to limit exposure, we are stopping all non-essential visits to our facilities, while continuing to safely meet your needs. We are asking anyone coming to our facilities to:

-    Check for symptoms of COVID-19: fever, cough, shortness of breath, or ANY flu-like symptoms

-    Identify if you have had any close personal contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has tested positive for COVID-19

Anyone who has symptoms or has been exposed to someone with COVID 19 in the last 14 days will not be allowed at our facilities.

Limited exposure at our facilities . Healthy customers are welcome to pick up product as planned. We know many of you have relationships with people at our facilities, but please limit time spent outside vehicles while on-site at our facilities.

Prepare for changes. We are not currently aware of any disruptions in our supply and have adequate inventory of many products our customers need. We expect to meet our customers’ known spring needs unless there is a logistics or manufacturing disruption. We are well positioned to serve you. However, the situation is rapidly changing, and we will communicate additional information as it becomes available.

Our sales and customer services teams are fully trained to serve your needs. Your business is very important to us, and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this time. 

Consideration of your safety. If you have concerns about your health and safety or the current recommended actions in response to COVID 19, information is available at

If we can assist you in any way, please contact us, and we will help you work through your needs.


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