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Precision Agronomy

There's an opportunity in every field. We can help you find it.

The FS PARTNERS Precision Ag Team serving Alliston, Ayr and Delhi understand your unique precision ag needs.

Each Precision Ag specialist uses the latest technology and integrates it with the following services to help you achieve the most in your fields.

Our Precision Ag services include:

Management Zones

Management Zones are used for intensive soil sampling or variable rate applications. Create these zones specific to your field based on data layers such as satellite imagery, elevation maps and/or yield data, along with your knowledge of the field. Our data management tools can help you to validate your current practices and take you to the next level.    


Variable Rate Prescriptions can help to increase your economic returns

Reduce your inputs in the lower-producing areas of your field, and focus those inputs on your management zones that produce the highest return year after year.

We offer: 

  • variable rate seed
  • variable rate nutrients & lime
  • ROI.jpg

    ROI Profit Mapping

    Have the ability to manage high-profit zones differently than low-profit zones through insightful financial measures by field – profit, revenue, ROI, breakeven commodity price, breakeven yield increase, breakeven expense decrease.


    Yield Data Analysis can help you connect all of the dots in your field

    Clean data is useful data. Get the most out of your yield maps for making and validating management decisions, record keeping, and understanding in-field variability. 


    Soil Sampling

    Knowing your soil fertility & pH are vital to ensure maximization of your fertility investments & production.

    See what your soil is telling you with instant results right in the field with 360 SoilScan, which provides real-time, accurate results in the field. FS PARTNERS can test for nitrate-nitrogen and soil ph, providing recommendations to help optimize your yield. 


    Boots on the ground all season long with FS Crop Scouting

    With MiField scouting, our eyes are in your field at important times. We can help to identify economic risk throughout your fields from threats such as weeds, insects, disease and other disorders including nutrient deficiencies, weather or herbicide injuries.

    These observations are included in a professional report sent to you, the grower, and recorded to track your field’s history, along with making future recommendations for your crop. Any issues found are all geo-referenced in your report, and logged for continuous monitoring. Every field walk is based on the most current satellite image for a more precise understanding of the field.


    Crop Planning can help you start off the new year right

    Get ahead of the curve by analyzing your yield maps, soil sampling reports, historical data and current input needs. We can help you to create the strongest crop plan for your fields. 

    FS PARTNERS offers record-keeping of your field data, to keep on hand for input orders and custom application needs throughout the year, too.

    Contact your Precision Ag Team

    Our FS Precision Ag team knows just the right tools and techniques to help you take your row and hort crops a step further- whether that includes variable rate, imagery, ROI profit mapping, and more.

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