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Enduring Farms

Putting sustainability into practice



Farmers know that their operations and the world’s natural resources can all thrive within the same living ecosystem. And more than ever, farmers are assessing cropping practices and operational processes that minimize impact on the environment while improving farm profitability. FS Member Companies, along with their cooperative supplier, GROWMARK, named the 2022 Enduring Farm & Enduring Farm Plus awards to acknowledge those farmers who have adopted best management practices that optimize nutrient utilization, leading to long-term soil and water quality while enhancing ROI.

  • To be considered for the Enduring Farm award, FS companies nominate farmer-customers who use certain sustainable best management practices on their farms. Growers that earn a combined score of 180 points or greater for nutrient management activities are designated as Enduring Farms.
  • Growers who implemented additional agronomic and environmental management practices, earning at least an additional 90 points, are designated as an Enduring Farm Plus.

83 Enduring Farms were recently named for implementing nutrient management practices during the 2022 growing season, as well as their commitment to preserving and improving their land and natural resources for future generations.

Living. Lasting. Enduring.

Sustainable practices that make a difference

Farm enterprises that employed these practices are recognized for their commitment to protecting and preserving their land and natural resources through sustainable nutrient management.

Enduring Farms cover one of these three main areas of focus:


  • Utilize 4R practices for all nutrient application      
  • Soil Sampling a minimum every four years  
  • MiField Applied Research Nutrient Management Studies  


  • VRT Lime, P, and K applications
  • No applications on frozen or snow-covered ground                                        
  • Utilize cover crops for phosphorus management                                              
  • Utilize buffer strips for phosphorus management 


  • Two or more nitrogen applications 
  • Utilize soil sampling to monitor nitrogen levels  
  • Utilize urease inhibitors for all surface-applied urea and UAN that cannot be incorporated

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