Have the product you need, when you need it

With the EXACT Tank System, weed control on your farm is more efficient and convenient, saving you time and money. The EXACT Tank System is the very first of its kind to be offered in Ontario, and allows you to handle your own glyphosate in bulk so you don’t have to worry about handling totes.

Quick and easy filling

Our convenient 2-hose system allows you to meter directly into your spray inductor at a rate of 50 litres per minute, or use the high speed hose to refill your tote at a rate of 200 litres per minute. No more changing totes on your trailers; just drive up to your tank and fill. The 120 volt submersible pump allows for a quiet fill, and LED lighting enables you to fill your totes or sprayer at night.

Weed  Control

With this concentrated formulation of glyphosate for non-selective weed control in most cropping systems, you can also use this water soluble herbicide for the control of broadleaf and grass weeds. It is also suitable for control in glyphosate tolerant crop varieties with the Roundup Ready® gene, such as canola, soybeans and corn.*
(Source: http://ipco.ca/ipco-glyphosates-matrix.cfm)

Safe to Use

FS PARTNERS has developed and implemented a spill-response plan in order to ensure your safety and environmental stewardship. As well, each tank comes with Personal Protective Equipment so you can safely handle your glyphosate.

Easy To Install

The EXACT Tank System is delivered and set up by FS PARTNERS, so there is no inconvenience on your part. When you require more glyphosate, FS PARTNERS delivers straight to your farm, allowing you to keep your mind on more important matters: keeping weeds under control. Additionally, should your tank require any service, FS PARTNERS will be happy to make a visit to your farm and take care of any issues.

Convenience On Your Farm

With the ability to keep up to 4500 litres of glyphosate on your farm at a time, there is no need to order or transport totes from your retailer. The EXACT Tank System enables you to drive directly up to your tank and fill totes or your sprayer within minutes, saving precious time during your spraying process.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a large amount of glyphosate on your farm will give you assurance that you can spray at any time, without having to visit your retailer to order more product. FS PARTNERS is proud to support your business, and with one phone call, we are able to meet you at your farm and take care of any problems.

No More Totes

Large farmers understand the hassle that totes bring to the spraying process. With the EXACT Tank System, totes are eliminated, which saves transportation time, loading time, and gas money. Less time spent getting ready to spray means more time spent back at home on the back porch with an icy cold refreshment!