Thank you for your business with FS PARTNERS and your interest in a GROWMARK, Inc. membership.
FS PARTNERS, as a division of GROWMARK, conducts business as a co-operative. As a co-operative, FS PARTNERS patrons who are in production agriculture may become members of GROWMARK. GROWMARK applied for and was granted an Order from the Ontario Securities Commission (Order) that established the requirements for GROWMARK granting membership (Membership Interest) under the Securities Act of Ontario (Act).

Click here to read all documents that are part of the Membership Package, including:
Membership Q & A's - Do I qualify as a member?
Final Order
Membership Agreement
Most current GROWMARK Financials
Read the FS PARTNERS Operating Charter here.


Completed Membership Applications can be sent to:
FS PARTNERS, a division of GROWMARK, Inc.
ATTENTION: Andrea Fernandes
05 Silvercreek Parkway N., Suite 200
Guelph, ON   N1H 8M1