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The Purpose of Starter Fertilizer


The purpose of starter fertilizer is pretty straight forward – to send the crop off with a fast start. InVigoron is a line

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of superior-grade liquid starters that place nutrients directly with the seed, at planting, to maximize yield potential. And using a starter fertilizer supports The Fertilizer Institute's 4R best practices of using the right source, at the right rate, at the right time, on the right place.

Unlike many liquid fertilizers, InVigoron Liquid Fertilizer is a solution, not just particles suspended in liquid. Each drop of InVigoron fertilizer contains the exact ratio of NPK of the formulation. InVigoron Liquid Fertilizer is consistent and stable. It handles easily and is non-corrosive. When InVigoron Liquid Fertilizer is applied, it flows evenly and cleanly — whether on the seed at planting or as a foliar application.


InVigoron products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials to provide available nutrients, seed safety, precision placement, and are corrosion-free. It's these characteristics that make InVigoron fertilizers truly unique. A true-solution, liquid fertilizer has the following characteristics:

  • Does not settle out
  • High solubility
  • Each drop has the exact same ratio or percentage of nutrients
  • Greater flexibility in mixing with other products 


In an independent survey, growers from across the United States were asked why they utilized starter fertilizer as part of their crop production program. The most common responses were:

  • Gives corn a faster start
  • Plant is healthier
  • Increases yield, better production
  • Helps early plantings
  • Gives nutrients to the roots, supplies secondary nutrients
  • Best for our tillage situation


InVigoron liquid starters have a neutral pH, a low salt index and minimal impurities. These features of our liquid starters enable the product to be placed directly with the seed at planting time. Placement with the seed allows the available phosphorus to be taken up at the critical early stages of growth to maximize yield potential. InVigoron contains 80% - 100% of their phosphates in the available orthophosphate form which is immediately available to the plant during the critical early stages of growth.


The total yield per acre comes down to the number of bushels produced, and certainly, bushels per acre are directly related to the number of kernels per ear.

Contact your local Crop Specialist for more information. 

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