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**NEW **  FS PARTNERS brings you a comprehensive approach
to crop management with our new Precision Agriculture solutions. 

Trucking fleets love Dieselex Gold- see why they choose to
Go Further with the FS System! 

Are you using WL341HVX.RR Alfalfa? We're confident that think this video will help to demonstrate the benefits to our dairy producers.
Diesel Exhaust Fluid is required in new diesel engines with 
SCR technology- learn more, here!

FS is Bringing You What's Next in Ontario...
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What is Dieselex Gold?
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The Koeller Family
 G&D Integrated

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Find a branch in southern and central Ontario near you for your agronomy, energy and grain marketing needs!

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5-day Forecast for Kitchener, ON
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27 Apr
28 Apr
29 Apr
30 Apr
1 May
Thunder Storms Mostly Cloudy Rain Thunder Storms Thunder Storms
Weather Thunder Storms Mostly Cloudy Rain Thunder Storms Thunder Storms
L/H (°C)
8/25 7/18 7/15 4/8 6/17

L/H (°C)
6/25 4/18 4/15 0/4 3/17
Dew Point
11 6 5 2 8
71 54 58 79 76

24 24 21 26 23
80 - 20 60 60
None Rain
0.46 0.43 0.36 0.18 0.28
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Please be advised that FS PARTNERS does NOT do international recruiting. Any such claims and offers are false, and not authorized by FS PARTNERS.
Por favor, tengan en cuenta que FS PARTNERS no contrata personal internacionalmente. Cualquiera de tales reclamos y las ofertas son falsas y no autorizada por la Compañía FS PARTNERS. 

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In 1903 the USDA demonstrated that a virus causes hog cholera and that recovering hogs are immune for life

Fact courtesy of the USDA

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