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FS Ontario Retail Branding

Help us shape the future of our company!

August 19, 2022 Update

The collector is now closed. 
Your management team will begin to sift through the suggestions. Thanks to everyone that participated. 

Stay tuned for updates!


As you are aware, FS PARTNERS agronomy and UPI Energy FS energy divisions now fall under the umbrella of FS Ontario retail.
(As in the past, Great Lakes Grain remains a partnership between GROWMARK, Inc. (FS PARTNERS), AGRIS Co-operative and Embun Co-operative.)

Here are some recent re-branding projects within our FS System:Insight FS
Within the last handful of years, Frontier Co-op and Servco Co-op in Wisconsin merged, but had not become a cohesive identity until they rebranded. As Insight FS, they are a leading ag retailer in Wisconsin today. They all fly the same banner and wear the same brand on their fleet and workwear; customers have responded positively to the change. 

Huron Bay co-operative inc. AmalgamationYou may also be familiar with the current Midwest Co-op branding that is underway in Ontario, as North Wellington Co-op and Huron Bay Co-op merge to become one on September 1, 2022. Their staff, customers, and members voted in favour of this new and exciting change to represent the central Ontario ag and energy retailer with a fresh brand, and a united front.

As a background: 
The FS brand has been in Ontario since 1994. The FS brand represents a standard of excellence for agricultural and energy-related products. It's the people who represent the FS brand that set it apart. Always professional and dependable, FS System specialists are trusted advisors who understand local needs. Together, our FS teams deliver unmatched technical expertise and a genuine interest in partnering in our customers’ success.

FS Member Companies are part of the GROWMARK System. GROWMARK, Inc. is a regional agriculture cooperative serving customers in more than 40 states and Ontario, Canada. GROWMARK, Inc. strives to be the best agricultural cooperative system in North America. Employees across the FS System are always ready to do more to move operations forward and never stop asking, "What's next?".

In Ontario, you will find an FS team: AGRIS Co-operative Ltd., CO-OP Régionale, County Farm Centre Ltd, Durham Farmers' County Co-operative, FS PARTNERS, Great Lakes Grain, La Coopérative Agricole d'Embrun Ltée, Lucknow District Co-operative Inc., Midwest Co-operative, Sunderland Co-operative Inc., The Hearst Farmers Co-operative, Thunder Bay Co-operative Farm Supplies, UPI Energy FS, Vineland Growers Co-operative Ltd., and Wanstead Farmers Co-operative Company Limited.

We want your input!
Our goal as we look to the future is to present ourselves as one cohesive unit. How do you see that look? We want your input on the future of our FS Ontario retail brand.

FS PARTNERS and UPI Energy FS will continue to serve our customers with all of the wonderful agronomy, energy and grain marketing products and services that we do today. What flag should we fly to represent all of us?

We want to rally our staff, our customers, our members, and our stakeholders to see us as an industry leader in Ontario. We invite you to provide your comments and input, below.

Next Steps:
We will take your suggestions and feedback, and come back with a progress update on branding direction. As always, nothing happens without our Advisory Board voting on this process, so there won't be a change overnight. 

Questions? Feel free to email Marketing & Communications Manager Juli Paladino with your feedback or questions. We're happy to hear from you!




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