You may already know the benefits of propane when it comes to energy in your home. But the efficient output, the cost savings and the convenience are just part of the picture. 

What you need to know are the benefits of FS Propane. We offer:

  • The strength and cost-savings of a local business you trust
  • The familiarity of a local provider who will give you hometown service
  • A full line of services for all your home energy system needs
  • Expert advice and information from your FS Propane energy specialist
  • Convenient and reliable delivery so you'll never run out of fuel
All these things, combined will raise your level of comfort. After all, shouldn't you be comfortable-- in your home, and with your decision?

Perhaps you are still debating whether to get propane in your home? Here is a graph outlining average home heating prices, compared by conventional heat source, based on current energy prices.

Some great benefits to FS Propane propane:

Appliances which are designed to run on propane consistently perform better than their electric counterparts.
FS Propane products are quick to achieve the desired temperature level, and keep it there. In fact, your water heater can heat twice as much water in an hour than an electric unit.

Cost savings for you
The cost of keeping your home warm can be lower by using the smart alternative of FS Propane propane products.
You'll have all around comfort, too, since propane heats your home and water heater quicker, and more efficiently.

Convenient payment plans
No more outrageous heating bills in the cold winter months- utilize our budget billing system with a plan customized specifically to meet your needs.
Your FS Propane specialist can create a plan specifically for you!

Good for the environment
Studies show that FS Propane propane generates fewer emissions per unit of heat output.

Peace of Mind
Our delivery system adds peace of mind on cold winter nights and hot summer afternoons. Additionally, we do the work for you in preparing your tanks for seasonal changes.

Our FS Propane brand is more than just propane- it means that our customers receive service from staff that are well-trained, providing professional service, and quality products. 

For more benefits to using FS Propane products and services, give us a call at (877) 748-8441 today. We can help you get more comfort for less.


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