Biodiesel is a relatively new technology that uses biodegradable, renewable resources such as soybeans.
This fuel offers significantly reduced environmental impact, while providing comparative performance.

Update: July 1, 2011 marked the first day of the mandated use of 2% biodiesel in all diesel products sold in Canada
Read the CRFA release here.

FS PARTNERS carried out a Biodiesel Performance Test to witness the benefits of using biodiesel first hand with testing

conducted June 2007 at Bruce Thomson Farms near Hensall, ON. Using a 1997 CASE IH MX 135, the group tested biodiesel
at different percentages and dilution to determine the effect of biodiesel on horsepower and emissions.

The results were interesting and inspiring: with a benchmark of conventional diesel fuel producing particulate matter of
6.5 ppm at 95 hp the particulate matter was clearly reduced with the addition of biodiesel. Horsepower output improved at 20% biodiesel and optimized at 40%.

The group was pleased to see increased horsepower and reduction of more than half the emissions.

We are proudly members of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association

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