We have the right products for you.
Whether your needs are for home, a fleet of one, or an outfit of tractor-trailers, we can provide quality products with professional service to your home or business.

Renewable fuels represent a significant shift in the way we think about fuel. By using blends of biodiesel and ethanol products, we are reducing harmful emissions while producing an excellent source of horsepower. Ask us about the ethanol and diesel custom blends available to meet your needs.

We have over 50 cardlock locations in our network across Ontario. Rest assured that you can fill up at one of our 24-hour cardlocks safely and securely. Find a cardlock nearest you and current pricing here.

DEF (Diesel Exhaust) Fluid
DEF Fluid, required on new diesel trucks and tractors, is available in jugs, totes or drums for your convenience! We also offer bulk delivery right to your door... ask us about this new service!

Offered exclusively to the FS System, DieselexGold®  is a multifunctional additive package consisting of eight individual components with specific functions that serve to improve combustion, while it cleans and reduces emissions. This leads to improved efficiency- ask us for the data to prove it!

Produced from renewable resources, DIESEL3000™ has a higher cetane number, while promoting cleaner air. Reducing carbon monoxide emissions and particulate matter as it increases lubricity make it a safe choice all year round.

Energy pricing programs
Customers that rely on a budget plan to balance their annual heating and cooling programs depend upon our Energy Price Protection Program. While locking in a price for 6 or 12 months, you never pay higher than the pump price.

FS® Propane
You may already know the benefits of propane when it comes to energy in your home. But the efficient output, the cost savings and the convenience are just part of the picture. We offer you the complete FS Propane package.

Home heating
We deliver propane and furnace oil to your home or business with the same great professionalism as the rest of our products. Summer or winter, we have you covered with our timely deliveries and friendly service from the experts!

Lubricants & greases
As part of our one-stop service, we offer a variety of Archer lubricants and greases for your home and business at competitive prices. The Archer brand has been around since 1929... now available from FS PARTNERS exclusively in Canada!

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For emergency after hours fuel delivery, call (877) 748-8441 and follow the automated instructions.

Are you looking to order fuel? Order yours at Delhi (800) 461-8194, Elmvale (877) 388-5988, or Mitchell (877) 748-8441.

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We are proudly members of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association

and the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association

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