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The GROWMARK System is an organization guided by strong values. Those values demand that we do business in an ethical and responsible manner, always respecting our customers, our employees, and the environment. We are committed to responsible business practices and corporate citizenship, a commitment which has become the foundation for our company’s integrity. Learn more about our commitments in our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

As part of our commitment to responsible business practices, we created the GROWMARK Compliance Program. The goal of the Compliance Program is to ensure that the business of the System is conducted legally, ethically, and in a manner which protects its financial well-being. The GROWMARK Compliance Program educates employees about GROWMARK’s Code of Ethics and encourages early detection and prevention of legal and ethical violations. Our reputation as a business of integrity depends on our commitment to compliance, a commitment we take very seriously in the GROWMARK System. 

For more information on Corporate Responsibility, visit the GROWMARK page.


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