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Soil sampling establishes a good base for all cropping programs.
  • Establish fertility and pH levels to determine fertilizer and lime requirements
  • Proactively monitor soil test levels before deficiencies arise or to diagnose any crop production problems
  • Indicate response to fertilizer and manage manure /biosolid applications
  • Determine suitability for specific herbicides to be used 
For best results, we recommend:
•   Soil sampling every 3 years
•   Samples should be representative of the field
•   Fields with variability should be soil sampled by individual areas

Depending on your farming operation, we have many soil sampling services to offer.

While nitrogen in your soil can provide a positive economic return, it is a commonly deficient nutrient. For starters, your local crop specialist can arrange for a speedy 360 SOILSCAN nitrate testing, with results back in minutes.
Composite Sampling: 
A number of soil cores (subsamples) are collected throughout the field and composited into one sample for analysis. Approximately, one sample for every 25 acres.  It represents the average conditions in the sampled area.
     Grid Sampling: 
Uses GPS points on a 2.5 acre grid to collect soil samples which are then all individually analysed and presented on a map. This method provides a high resolution of the nutrient variability within the field. Depending on the variability of the field, either a larger or smaller grid can be used. 
Zone Sampling: 
FS PARTNERS will use the latest technologies to create management zones specific to the field based on many layers of data. Soil cores are then collected and composited into one sample for each management zone and analyzed separately. Depending on the variability of the field, generally 3-7 management zones are created. A great option for precision soil sampling. 

Precision Ag:
You, the grower, have equipment or are planning on investing in equipment with variable rate capabilities. FS PARTNERS will create variable rate seed and fertilizer prescriptions such as P&K, lime and/or Nitrogen into your field’s management zones. 

Contact a crop specialist nearest you for more information.
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